Media Conflict

Jeremy Bowen, Steve Coll, Rosie Garthwaite & Riz Khan – four top journalists discuss the state of the media.

Saturday 10 March 16:30-17:30

What has happened to fair and free media? Have the news sources we once relied upon for impartial reporting sunk into the mud of polarised and sensationalist content?

From the UK's phone-tapping and bribes scandals to the outright aggressive political stance seen by many outlets in the USA, viewers across the world are getting a different diet when it comes to news and information - particularly with the growth of their own regional and local channels. So, what reliable sources are left? And what are the pressures on reporters to cater for a reality TV-driven world?

We take a look with a panel of experienced international journalists, who have also witnessed changes in their industry from the development of live, breaking news beamed out immediately across satellite, to the arrival of citizen journalism and social media that is helping to topple long-standing, hard-line governments.

More about the media

Jeremy Bowen talks to Riz Khan about the Anatomy of a Revolution, Steve Coll will be talking about his career in journalism to Riz Khan, and Rosie Garthwaite will share her advice on How to Avoid Being Killed in a War Zone.

Kate Adie will examine the role of the modern journalist in the provocatively-titled The Roar of the Press, the Squeak of Social Media. Saeed Al Badi, Rym Ghazal and Shakir Noori will look at journalism as a creative writing challenge. And Riz Khan will introduce us to the fictional newsroom of his first novel, We Interrupt Our Programming.

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