Abdulaziz Al Musallam

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Abdulaziz Al Musallam is the director of heritage and cultural affairs at the Sharjah Department of Culture. He is also known as ‘the fairy tale man’, because of his storytelling skills and his ability to hold the attention of an audience. Collecting and documenting traditional stories, riddles and proverbs from across the UAE for over three decades, Abdulaziz is regularly invited to schools and universities during heritage-related celebrations. By sharing traditional stories, mostly involving djinns and mystical creatures who often appear in different forms, he aims to inspire new generations of Emiratis to take an interest in the oral and ‘less visible’ part of UAE heritage.

He has written two books for Kalimat: Ghaya Wal Hanish and Dajaja Mithana. Ghaya is an Emirati twist on the Cinderella story, with lovely Ghaya faring badly at the hands of her stepmother but ultimately finding an unlikely saviour in a snake she encounters. In Dajaja Mithana Mithana, a lonely old lady, prays to God for a child to keep her company, but ends up receiving a hen she raises as her own child.

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