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Alastair Reynolds is a British science fiction author who writes with a strong concern for scientific verisimilitude, though he admits to breaking the rules occasionally for the sake of the story.

He was born in Barry in South Wales, a former coal-mining town. He studied astronomy at Newcastle and St Andrews Universities, and spent 16 years working in the Netherlands, mostly for the European Space Agency.

Alastair is best known for the Revelation Space series of books and short stories, which take place in a fictional universe that stays largely true to known science: space travel is limited by the speed of light, and alien species are rare. Three books – Revelation Space, Redemption Ark and Absolution Gap – form a trilogy he describes as ‘gothic space opera’, while the novels Chasm City and The Prefect and the collections Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days and Galactic North are set in the same universe but can be read independently. His other books, Century Rain, Pushing Ice, House of Suns and Terminal World, are stand-alone novels set in different universes with different timelines and laws of physics.

In 2011 Revelation Space was chosen by Orion as one of the publisher’s 20 most significant titles, which are to be re-released in 2012 in new covers featuring specially commissioned sculptures as part of Orion’s 20th birthday celebrations.

Alastair is currently writing a hard science-fiction trilogy called Poseidon’s Children; the first part of which, Blue Remembered Earth, will be published in 2012. He is also writing a Doctor Who novel, Harvest of Time, which will feature the Third Doctor.

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