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Dervla Murphy was born (and still lives) in Lismore, County Waterford in 1931 and shows no sign of letting her wheels rust. Her first book, Full Tilt: Ireland to India with a Bicycle, describes her exuberant bicycle ride from Lismore to India, through Iran and Afghanistan. It was followed by more than 20 popular and acclaimed books, describing travels all over the world and often expressing strong political views on various causes, including AIDS, apartheid, the displacement of tribal peoples, nuclear power and climate change.  Her latest book, The Island That Dared, follows her journey through Cuba with her family.

Dervla has won worldwide praise for her writing and has been described as a ‘travel legend’ and ‘the first lady of Irish cycling’. She continues to travel around the world and remains passionate about politics, conservation, bicycling and beer. Her daughter, Rachel, and three grand-daughters live in Italy and join Dervla on her travels when possible.

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