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Dubai Abulhoul was born in 1996. Her debut 2-minute animation, Galagolia, earned her recognition as 'Youngest Director' at the inaugural GFF.

Dubai’s number one passion was to find a place among Emarati filmmakers, and her dream turned into reality in 2008, when she was officially named as the Middle East’s Youngest Director at the age of 11. Still owning the title, Galagolia: The Hidden Divination is Dubai’s debut novel and the first in a series of books she’ll publish in the coming future.

Book synopsis

What is it that makes fiction surreal?

Meet Maitha Bin Humaid, a ten-year-old Emirati girl living in Deira, Dubai. Maitha finds a portal to Galagolia, a new world, and learns that, all along, she had known nothing about her life and that she has inherited the throne to Galagolia. But can a ten year old really handle that responsibility? Step into the spellbinding tale of demons, fantasy, and self-discovery and join Maitha on her journey of dangers, deception, and sacrifice. Galagolia is a world you do not want to miss!

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