Khalid Albudoor

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Khalid Albudoor is an award-winning poet, documentary film researcher/producer, and cultural advisor. He was raised in Dubai and is considered one of the most important names in the modern poetry movement of the UAE. He studied Mass Communication at United Arab Emirates University and then attended Ohio University in the United States where he obtained an MA in Script Writing. He has worked as a writer, producer and presenter for TV and radio programs.

He began publishing his poetry in 1980 and has been active in his community as one of the founders of the Emirates Writers Union, and a board member of the Dubai Cultural Council.

He has participated in several poetry and film festivals both in the Emirates and abroad.

His first poetry collection won the Alkhal Poetry Award in Lebanon. He has published five volumes of his poetry and an anthology of Emirati Nabati Poetry, beside articles and writings on UAE heritage and cultural affairs.

Since 1988 he has been collecting and documenting the cultural heritage of the Emirates. This includes history, Nabati poetry, folk songs and dances, and folk tales. His TV programs & films have received both local and international awards and recognition.

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