Lewis Trondheim

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Lewis Trondheim is one of the most prolific authors of his generation, and an innovator in French comics. After a brief stint in the fanzine world, he co-founded the independent publishing house, l’Association in 1990.

Lewis works in both traditional and experimental styles: his Lapinot series featuring a rabbit-like creature, has an open, associative, improvised structure and moves freely between different genres, such as science-fiction, fantasy and philosophy.

Lewis has worked for various French publishing houses and the magazines Psikopat, Lapin and Spirou. He has also published two graphic novels. The first one, entitled Mildiou (1994), tells a Lapinot story set in the Middle Ages. The second, La Mouche (1995), is a wordless comic that depicts the world as seen through the eyes of a fly.

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