Nujoom Al Ghanem


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Nujoom Al Ghanem has been described as “one of the strongest modern Emirati poets... Her language is such that it permeates the soul with a rich and flavoured life experience that goes beyond the five senses.”

Nujoom holds a BA in Television Production from Ohio University (1996) and a Master's degree in cinema direction from Griffith University (1999). She started writing poetry in the late 1970’s, but she did not publish until the early 1980s in local newspapers in the UAE. She finds prose poetry the best form to express herself and describe her world and has published six collections of poetry, the first of which was Paradise Evening (1989). She has also directed four short films, including the documentary Al Mureed (2008). Al Mureed was exhibited at the Fifth Dubai International Film Festival, where Nujoom was given the Best Emirati Female Filmmaker Award.

She has participated in many festivals and other cultural events in the Arab World and Europe. After appearing at Emirates Litfest 2010, she embarked on a mini-tour organised by Banipal Magazine and the Emirates Foundation, visiting the Ledbury Poetry Festival and the London Literature Festival.

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