Rashad Bukhash

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Rashad M Bukhash is Director of the Architectural Heritage Department, Dubai Municipality. He has 25 years of experience in the fields of planning, directing, managing & supervising modern architectural projects, conservation of historic buildings, museum design and management, and landscaping projects. With his background in both architecture and conservation of historic buildings, he supervised the conservation of more than 156 historic buildings in Dubai, in the Emirates and abroad. He also supervised the design and execution of more than 200 modern buildings including universities, colleges, public buildings, parks and community facilities.

Rashad also supervised the design and execution of 12 museums in Dubai, among them Dubai Museum, Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum’s house, the Heritage House, Al Ahmadiya School, the Camel and Horse museums, and the traditional architecture museum.

Rashad has won many prizes, including the best employee of Dubai government 1998, Rashid prize for scientific Excellency 2002, the champion of sustainability in Gulf States 2008, the UAE Excellency Award 2008 in architecture, and the best architect of the year in the Arab region from Arab cities organization in 2010. Rashad wrote and supervised more than 34 books on architecture, history and traditional architecture of Dubai and the UAE.

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