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Journalist Rym Tina Ghazal is the author of Maskoon, a young adult horror book with a surprise ending that follows four teenagers and their experiences with the world of spirits and djinns as they spend a night in a haunted palace.

Rym is of a mixed cultural and religious background, with a Polish/German mother and a Lebanese/Syrian father. She was born in communist Poland, grew up in Islamic Saudi Arabia and then studied in mosaic Canada before travelling the world with her camera and notepad. She holds an Honours Bachelor Degree in Psychology and Economics from Waterloo University, Canada and a Masters in Journalism from Carleton University in Canada.

She has worked as a psychologist, researcher, teacher, photographer, artist and writer and is currently a senior reporter at the National and is also the author of the popular weekly column, ‘Single in the City’, in which she tackles the everyday dramas of being single.

Before moving to the UAE, Rym worked at the International Herald Tribune’s Daily Star and was also a Contributing Editor to the educational Academix Magazine of Lebanon, as well as regional correspondent to international newspapers such as Canada’s Globe and Mail. She was featured in the UAE documentary Hidden Beauty, about Arab women in the region.

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